Model 4 Me

Model 4 Me is my latest design. This is a css / xhtml template created by If you would like to download more free templates and other freebies as well, then you may do so by checking the Freebies section of my portfolio site. Hope all who use it will enjoy it. Do what you wish to it. It's all yours!! :o) Please just be kind enough to leave the designed by: link located in the footer or if you would like the designed by: link removed in the footer then please be kind enough to include a link to my website located somewhere within your web site such as a links or resources page. Thank You...

About the Author

Hi! My names Shannon and I'm a 29 year old web designer from California. My main projects are conducted through my website, but I (obviously) also enjoy creating free templates, logos, and icons for general use! You can keep track of my freebies here, which is probably a link worth bookmarking as I am adding new freebies every week.

If you want more of my free stuff, they can be found here!

Example Elements

OK, here I'll just put some example html elements that I'm sure most of you would like to use.

Blockquote Example

Here's your blockquote text jfds jkndskf ndsknf sldnfjk sdnf jdsbf hdsbf jbsdjfk bdskj bdsjfb dsk bds bfsdj bfsjk bfsjdbf sbjd fjsbdk fsdbf sdb fksbd sb

List Example

Image Example


If you decide to use this template please drop me a line to let me know! Don't hesitiate to get in touch if you're interested in a custom template or any of my web services or packages in general. I look forward to hearing from you!

Example Contact Form



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